Whitewave (jen_whitewave) wrote in anthrax_fans,

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John Bush - What's going on?

Ever since dates started to be announced for this "Among the Living" line up I have been waiting to read an official statement from the band about John Bush. I have patiently waited for the new website to go live, thinking that Scott is sure to make a statement as he is usually so open with the fans... the site is up but I am still none the wiser.

Of course it will be cool to see Anthrax with Joey (I am too young to have seen that before - just), but I love John Bush, he is so much a part of Anthrax now. Surely they have not sacked him???? I had hoped this was just a temporary thing, a novelty, but I am starting to wonder.

Does anyone have any official information about what is going on?
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