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Tickety Goodness!

Just recently purchased my ticket for the Judas Priest/Anthrax show here in Cincy at the Riverbend amphitheater. I am one happy camper, that's for sure. I even sprung for pavillion seating (as opposed to lawn). Cannot freakin' WAIT!
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OMFG are u serious ur so fuckin lucky
I'm an old farty type, but I was never allowed (or anywhere near) to go to shows when I was younger. I'm glad both have decided to tour together, in mostly original formats, when I'm a big grownup with $50 to spend on good-seat concert tickets.

Heh. If I headbang, though, I'll end up at the chiropractor.

Any idea what side of the stage Scott Ian tends to? My seat is second section back, stage right. He's dreamy.